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AmberHahn Password January 31, 2015

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Amber Hahn is a game girl, ready for anything that’s pleasurable, and her boyfriend always manages to find games to play with her that give them both large gobs of pleasure. A favorite opening gambit is the old tongue in twat maneuver! Her boyfriend has bet Amber that she can’t make love all night long, and Amber wants to make a point—and her boyfriend—and prove him wrong. Say, you don’t suppose the lucky guy has an ulterior motive, do you? Amber’s just getting warmed up. Like a big, beautiful bug stuck on a pin, she squats over her boyfriend’s massive dick and impales herself, twisting her AmberHahn butt down into his lap with a screwing motion that drags a cry of delight from his parched lips!

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amberhahn videos

As the fucking goes on, AmberHahn gets into the spirit of it, twisting and squirming and squealing and having herself a grand time! Wherever the big prick goes—up her ass, between her tits, into her mouth—it’s sure to enjoy the experience. Amber makes sure of that! What makes Amber’s incredibly cute ass wiggle and squirm? Is it the beat or the music or the thought of turning on herself and her horny boyfriend? The answer to both is a resounding yes, but boyfriend Bob doesn’t give a shit about the music. He wants Amber Hahn!

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amberhahn photos

Amber likes a tongue tickling her twat, and nobody does it better than AmberHahn‘ friend Bob. Will she return the favor. You bet your sweet hard-on she will! Her quivering toosh presses down over his distended dork, forcing the column of turgid male flesh up into her sweet, eager pussy! His face nuzzling her perky tits, Bob’s hands grasp her shaking ass, holding on while she shudders up and down and he plunges his cock deep inside her rapidly-juicing snatch. Watching her in motion is heaven; experiencing her in the flesh is paradise! The fucking goes on and on and on. Inspired by his Amber Hahn girl friend’s magnificent body, Bob’s pecker probes endlessly, rhythmically, never stopping!

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amberhahn xxx

Bob is only human. The wicked combination of AmberHahn tits, ass, pussy and mouth takes its toll. His cock rises in majestic tribute to her charms and sprays her pretty face with the stuff that wet dreams are made of! It’s only been a few months that Amber and Terry have been separated, but they missed each other terribly. They’d lain awake nights remembering each other’s soft tits, musky pussy, and exploring fingers and tongues! Now that they’re back together, they intend to make up for lost time. Quickly they get naked and kiss and caress each other’s hot, moist flesh! Amber Hahn can tell you more on her site!

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